Mercurial repo for RPM package development

I've setup a Mercurial/Hg repo for my packages.

I was going to try out git, but decided Mercurial would be my first venture into DVCSes.

The wiki at Mercurial's website was pretty helpful in getting a central web repository up and running; create a single script and point it at the repository (which is just a directory that you've run 'hg init' on), some light virtualhost config and hgrc settings, and you're pretty much done.

The bulk of the work for me has been on the backend; getting VMs setup in vmware server on my file server; moving my packages to my file server instead of my laptop; migrating the packages, specs, and sources into a packages/ directory (instead of being along side RPMS, SRPMS, and tmp/).

I still need to make sure mock works well in all my VMs and get InstantMirror on my home firewall, but things are starting to look like they're setup pretty well for my little home packaging setup.

Hopefully getting the development process easier for myself will make me more willing to do more packaging and make me realize how many packages I have to merge into Fedora.