Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-08-21

Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Chris Neale (cdn-work), Brian King (kinger), Myk Melez (myk), Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed current developer projects and upcoming projects:

- bug#13381 is complete; need to fix bug w/ new projects on active list - drupal installation profile is mostly completes - this handles setting up default module configuration, roles, permissions, etc. A couple things left to tweak here. - drupal mozdev auth module - already working; handles authenticating users from mozdev CVS credentials. - Left to do before testing: finish up install profile, testing authentication module, themeing. - Hopefully should have something that can be tested this week.

Discussed systems projects:

- asked for pete from twshosting to setup new A record for so we have a prettier url; new domain is setup now : - stats up to Feb 2007 are currently processed -

Eric: should we start another VM to get the stats finished sooner?

Michael: no, I don't think this is necessary

Eric: why we don't run more than one VM to process the data... if

taking 3 weeks to process the data, taht is too long IMHO.

David: it sounds like the stats will be done in a few more days

Michael: this is just for updating the history ... it will take

minutes if we can switch to daily processing once the history is

Michael: i guess it's below one hour for processing a daily stat


Roadmap updates:

- top-50 page - Mic will write perl script to pull data from awstats

-   this page could probably be moved up

  • commit notification

    - we'd have to do this work again when we implement svn, hg, etc - rss feed is an option to consider - leave it where it is

    - project setup automation

    - admin issue; put on public roadmap? - high priority; lots is manual right now by David and Pete and long delays in project setup are possible (up to a week) - move into 2nd priority group somewhere - unclear whether bonsai/lxr or svn is more important and where this should fit in - Eric and David will work on a survey

Birthday in September (7 yrs old)

- Chris is working on banners - revamp the mozdev store? - mostly just a reminder to start thinking about ways to celebrate

Doug let everyone know that he can contact him to get chanop on #mozdev

- we should register #mozdev-admin and set default modes/invites