Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-10-30

Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed), Chris Neale (cdn-work)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed developer priorities

- admin tool for managing mirrors is going well, despite some setbacks last week learning some javascript - mirror management should be finished up today, then will start towards download counters and mirror redirection using IPs - could we integrate download counters into top-50 page? Probably; we would want some type of summarization so the top-50 page wouldn't be hogged up by a couple projects - something like "most downloads for last 30 days" - other mirror projects include secure installs, cleaning up content, and providing downloads from some "master" site for new content - after mirror work is complete Doug will look into using Drupal for project categorization

Skipped sysadmin priorities

Skipped mailing list update

Drupal email working?

- yes; there was a problem with the subscription module that it wouldn't send emails for content changes to a page you were subscribed to - no requests for Drupal yet - the plan is to keep using it for www as a showcase for what it can do - Doug pointed out that the drupal sites can easily be dropped and recreated so projects can play with it and have things reset later

http/https alert problems tomorrow with the halloween theme?

- this is typically only a problem for pages at that are related to a specific tool (ie, not bugs, drupal, mailman) - ignore the problem for now, try to work on it for Thanksgiving