Week 35 Year 2007 status update

This is a short week for me, so I didn't get as much accomplished as I hoped. Still, there was some good progress made, and the Drupal install for Mozdev is progressing well. The test for project owners should be coming shortly.

- Multisite Manager/install profile fixes - Fixing Mozdev's install profile so it will choose the correct site defaults for the specified project. - Multisite Manager cron integration - I started work on making Multisite Manager be able to run all its sub-sites cron jobs. Right now it runs the cron for all drupal sites that have been created through Multisite Manager, but I would like to ahve the option to enable or disable it globally as well as per-site. - Registered #mozdev-admin on irc.mozdev.org - User reed stopped by #mozdev and helped me get #mozdev-admin setup correctly, so hopefully we should be good now for an admin-only chat room - Drupal rollout and testing plans - Not much to report here other than I'm starting to make plans for how to rollout Drupal to production and get some test reports from project owners. - Drupal performance testing - Drupal seems to be performing slowing at some points on the staging server despite me not having any problems with it on Argo. I'm starting to suspect other latency problems; perhaps with our colo host. I'm basing this solely on the fact that I have other semi-random SSH hiccups as well, so I'm trying to narrow it down. - Looked into re-enabling the top-50 page - Now that we have stats processed again I'm looking into getting the info compiled into a more readable form (along with an RSS feed). Not much progress yet other than looking into the data a bit - Mozdev/Drupal auth module work - I was finally able to figure out how to disable the ability to change selected roles when editing a user, so now admins or users won't be able to change whether a user is in the Project Owner or Contributor roles. - Mozdev/Drupal theme work - I fixed the nodes and comments so the submission info was displayed properly (author and time)

So next week I'll be doing some more analysis of what the performance problems are on our staging server and getting our Drupal install to our project owners for testing. I'd also like to tackle bug#11393 and get that resolved, but we'll have to see how the week goes.