Week 33 Year 2007 status update

A couple major activities this week:

- Completed bug#13381 - unstarted projects list.

The new lists are active, and you can see the active, inactive, and new lists as well as the stats page. There's some minor bugs I need to look into (some new projects went straight to the active page instead of new), but things seem to be functioning pretty well. - Drupal install profile - This will setup the default settings, roles, and permissions for a project that is using drupal. I was able to get most of the important parts working (setup default modules, roles, theme), but still have some minor things to get worked out (menu items, default site information). - Drupal/mozdev authentication integration - this allows project owners and contributors to login to Mozdev's Drupal installation using their VCS username/password and also synchronizes their VCS status with drupal - ie, assigns the "Project Owner" or "Project Contributor" role for that project if it applies. So far the authentication and role sychronization is completed; I also disable the account forms that are pulled from Mozdev (username, email, password). There's some more minor work here to disable the ability to select certain roles (or possible ignore changes if that's not possible), but the module already seems to work and the rest seems like UI polish.