Mozdev Status Update for W42-2007

  • RSS icon cleanup on front page

  • DNS was broken for awhile - This kept me from working on the new mirror management library
  • Researched email delays - The problem might be related to the massive number of held messages that are sitting in Mailman; it might be the daily nag emails for admins to check the messages.
  • More Bugzilla 3.0 theming (bug#15883)
  • Updated so it won't list projects with no downloads or only a README.downloads
  • Began using Drupal in production
  • Community discussion over how Drupal should be linked
  • Upgrade Drupal to 5.3
  • Tweaked the mozdev drupal theme to make it less-cramped
  • Added modules to improve Drupal's functionality - Pathauto, Token, Recent Changes, Spam
  • Updated permissions so any logged-in user can edit Mozdev's wiki
  • Updated the mozdev install profile to take into account new modules, permissions, and new install_wizard_api format

Next week I plan on finishing up the mirror management library and working on the admin frontend, working on the improved download redirection and download counter, continuing to utilize Drupal on and working with the community on the best application for their use.