Mozdev status update for W50-2007

This week I spent a lot of time trying to get a better code library setup for Mozdev code that would be easier to maintain and test (mostly meaning, starting to write stuff in OOP style despite PHP 4's lackings). Towards that end, I've ended up getting session managent, authentication, database, and error classes setup. I'm trying to make use of PEAR libraries as much as possible; so far I've used HTTP_Session, Log, and MDB2 to name a few. Using these have really helped me move things along faster, even if it's very difficult doing OOP in PHP 4 (hopefully PHP 5 comes soon). Most of this is being done because we need a more centralized way of "logging in" to the website for the upcoming features (project tagging, secure installations, and eventually better account management).

In a nicer, easier to follow list:

- Trying to open source more of Mozdev's code - This mostly means getting more code in CVS and making sure out CVS auth patches work. The former shouldn't be too difficult, but the latter is probably going to be a problem. - Tagging projects - I finally got a lot of the prerequisite code done (mentioned above), so I started working on writing the libraries for managing tags per project. - Did NOT enable download file RSS feed by default - The results say not to, so we'll let it off by default. Project owners can still enable it if they desire. - Posted new project adoption policy (bug#18259) - Mozdev downtime - We had two bouts of downtime this week for the server; we still haven't discovered a reason for the first, longer one. The second one only lasted about a half an hour and was the result of a DOS against our server. We're going to be looking into measures to handle that in the future; more news on that after it's addressed.

Next week I'll continue working on the project tagging. Once that's finished up the next project is work towards secure installations, tagging projects by applications it supports, and possibly automatic generation of update.rdf files if the community desires.