Weekly update June 25th - 29th

Much of last week was spent with me planning how to get moving on the unstarted projects list and reviewing and brainstorming ideas for bugs.

In order to make bug#13381 possible, I've started work on cvs2mysql which will be able to log cvs transactions to a mysql database. This will let us perform reports on CVS activity much easier than it would be by just looking at the individual RCS files. It currently can run from CVS's loginfo file and can also import a CVS history file with access to the RCS files.

I've also been doing a lot of brainstorming on using Drupal as a CMS for providing blogs, wikis, forums, and other services to Mozdev's projects. I'm thinking it might work out well to "bolt-on" Drupal at certain URLs to provide additional functionality - for example, provide http://project.mozdev.org/(blog|wiki|fourm). We could also use Drupal's taxonomy handling to make dynamically building project categories easier (bug#7021) as well as dynamically build a list of what products are supported by a project (bug#12486). It will definitely be a bit of work to try to integrate the themes for Drupal and the current CMS, but I think the framework that Drupal would provide would be worth it.