Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-08-28

Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

Chris Neale (cdn-work), Michael Dosser (tanker)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed current developer projects and upcoming projects:

- fixed new projects showing up on active list - drupal testing went well; fixed bugs that were reported - release staging copy to Project Owners?

-   Doug is worried that performance would deter any real
-   Doug will look into performance problems on vebzom since the
    hardware isn't that much older
-   ask bug reporters to test and give comments


Discussed systems projects:

- Can't show only a portion of munin stats without running another munin instance - All munin stats can probably be made public, so the above won't be a problem. - Mic wrote a script to make the top 50 projects available as XML feed.

-   Doug will work to make a web page and RSS feed of the XML feed

  • new munin modules are setup; mysql, hard drive temperature. New ones that would be interesting: bugzilla, mailman
  • awstats finished processing web stats this morning; web stats for the past year are now available
  • TODO: keep adding new munin modules, make munin stats public, looking at the mirror situation
  • do we needto review backups?

    - currently done by osuosl via rsync - would like to rsync the entire /mozdev partition to make new setup faster - OSUOSL can't host more machines, so a backup machine is still on hold - FreeBSD 7.0 will support Xen (due in the fall) - this would open up Amazon EC2 as an option - can be postponed for now

Birthday planning:

- David will post to PO list and Chris will setup his designs on Sept 1st - designs will rotate automatically, with Sept 19th still talk-like-a-pirate day - David: Chris, should we hire a designer to redesign Chris: "Um" - things to redesign: logo / font / layout / [colours] / information architecture / Usability