Bye Bye, Karma, Goodbye

So shortly after claiming that the Karma's life may be extended, I'm thinking about getting rid of it. I kind-of feel bad for the thing - it was really the best competitor that Apple had, but it's clunky UI and the fact that there have never been any third party integration for the thing (despite the freaking awesome dock it has) is really starting to wear on me. Do I really need 20 Gigs of music with me for two 45-minute drives? Not really.

Unfortunately for it, I think I have my eyes set on its biggest competitor, which despite having its drawbacks, has tight integration with many third-party devices. It's got a lot going for it. Too bad other manufacturers couldn't adopt the "iPod Dock Connector Protocol" for fear they would be sued under the DMCA because it would really be the easiest path to third-party integration for their devices.