Asterisk and Firewalls

[Brady] and I finally found a VoIP provider that seemed to have decent rates and local DIDs in Teliax. This spurred us both to get Asterisk setup on our home networks. I purchased a Sipura SPA-1001 a while back (beginning of October), but haven't had the time or motivation to set it up due to lack of time and motivation -- motivation due mostly due to lack of a good VoIP provider.

Since a VoIP provider with local DIDs and cheap rates is available, [Brady] and I both sprung at the opportunity. [Brady] is of course much farther ahead than I am, but I'm moving along pretty quickly. I needed to get my home firewall, Gunter, upgraded so it wasn't swapping quite so much. I upgraded the RAM from 128M to 256M and the processor from a P2 400MHz to a P3 450MHz. Both of these should provide a bit snappier performance, espeically with the number of things running on the firewall.

Next steps are to get some VPN and some dynamic routing going on so Brady and my home networks are connected and we can route calls between us over encrypted channels. Of course, this means Argo will act as our intermediary, and will accept incoming calls from Teliax and forward them to our home networks if they're available or send them to voicemail on Argo if they're not.

A good bit of work to go on my end, but I'm sure [Brady] will help me along the way.