jabberd2 - not just for kids

In this month's update, jabberd 2, and other fun!

Okay, so Jabberd 2 is the biggest thing I've done. Oh, and wireless works in linux now. I've spent the last couple weeks on and off setting up a Jabberd 2 server on Argo to be running a more featureful and scalable jabber server; not to mention get the experience. And it was an experience. I modified many config files, and ended up writing my own (very basic) init.d script to manage starting and stopping 10 services to run it. Not completely fun, but satisfying. Hopefully my skills in setting up and managing these types of servers will prove useful in the future in deploying a much larger system.

In the meantime, I'm probably going to try to submit my init.d/sysconfig scripts to the maintainers of Jabber 2 so others can benefit. The one that others wrote seems very basic, and only handles stock config, where mine can handle multiple SMs (session managers) for multiple domains and transports connecting via Jabber 1.4. Not a lot of error handling, but it works.