PVR 2, Doug 1

I guess I get one point for finally getting MythTV installed (better than last time). Unfortunately, I think my AverTV Stereo card is broken. I can't get it to fully tune in any stations no matter what I try - and I've tried a lot. Picking various card and tuner ids and various frequency modes (us-cable, us-cable-hrc, etc) and not getting anywhere. I've probably spent a good 10 hours just on getting this tuner to work. Not fun.

Luckily the rest of it has been going better. Music, photos, videos, and sound seem to be working pretty well. I have an IR remote configured using an old Packard Bell remote and receiver. I programmed my universal remote using the PB's remote codes and that seems to be picked up okay. Now I just have to get the configuration setup so it actually does something ;-).

Overall I think it'll be an enjoyable project - just so long as I can make a little more headway.