xbox mods'r'us

This whole 'Xbox as DVR' thing has been a real nightmare. I expected it to be fairly easy to pick up a 3 year old gaming console after Christmas, but that wasn't the case. After looking everywhere to find one, I finally ordered an Xbox from It came yesterday, so I proceeded to install the Xecuter 3 modchip I purchased from System-Mods awhile back, following the excellent tutorial on X3 installs on v1.6 Xboxes at Team Xecuter's website. My kit came with a LPC header rebuild PCB which helped tremendously; at least, after I found a thread describing how to install the pcb. And still, I was stuck. It appears that the kit System-mods sent me was missing the D0/lan/hd wire.

I don't really want to solder wires onto my mod chip, but I haven't received a response from System-mods yet about this. I really don't like having my Xbox be non-functional, especially after waiting all this time to get it going for just this purpose. Gah!