Closet Project done

Well, the closet is done, but not the other stuff.

There was a lot more work involved here than I orignally thought. I had the sheet of plywood to use (and it looks great!), but it didn't quite work the way I had imagined. The original piece that was in there was quite ugly and not really what I wanted at all. Unfortunately, it covered much more wall than I thought as it went past the ceiling in the closet. Even after we had pieces out, it was obvious we couldn't go that way to run new wires because it went through a header and probably continued through to the attic - not the way I wanted to go. So we just put the new sheet up, and it still looks great compared to before.

Of course, there's still part left, which is running the new RG6 and Cat5 to the TV. Unfortunately, I just remembered today that the living room sticks out about 1 foot and a half; and since it's an outside wall, there's going to be insulation. This hampers things a bit. I don't think I'm completely deterred yet, but since it's not as easy as I had originally thought, I'm going to put it off until I have a bit more time to really get dirty in insulation ;)

Update Oct 26th, 10:30

Yep, the wires go straight through to the attic, as I had thought. Once nice thing about building a house is you have picutes like that. The bad thing - you have to take an hour on a Monday night to go through and label them all (and try to remember what they were a year and a half later).