Dell Axim X30

In case you haven't heard, I talked myself into buying a Dell Axim X30. It's an amazing little PDA; 624Mhz, 64/64 MB RAM/Flash, Bluetooth and 802.11b. What talked me into it was the price - \$267. That's \$3 cheaper than the slower model. With free shipping. I couldn't pass that up.


I would like to continue using the Palm/PalmOne devices, but they just don't seem to be innovating recently. Their next device, the Tungsten T5 (rumored name), will most likely not have 802.11b built-in, and still cost \$400 MSRP. Of course, it will have it's brand-new BEOS-inspired Cobalt OS (OS 6 to some), but no applications have been written for it yet. While I hate switching to Windows CE (and thus finding all new software, and losing some syncing capability), it's the best option right now to do what I want.

--end rant--

I have managed to find most software I need, including things like PocketPutty (SSH Client) and MiniStumbler (wifi AP snooping). I also have found a very cheap Bluetooth GPS unit called Blue Logger by Delorme. It only comes in a package, but the one I like includes Topo USA 5.0 on DVD and Street Atlas USA for Handhelds for \$250 - that's \$50 cheaper than the other GPS' without software.

Of course, most people realize this isn't my first stint with PocketPC - I previously had an ipaq 3530; and while a featureful unit, seemed kind-of laggy. I've used the X3i, and all the lag was gone. The X30 I ordered is much faster than the X3i, with a newer OS - it should be an amazing little unit.