desktop status - disabled

So, I was doing that whole case swapping thing the other day, and all was going well. The desktop was now in the mid-tower case and up and running, when all of a sudden it just shut off. Very odd. My first impression was that the CPU overheated and the mobo shut down the box, so I ran over to check (the sides were still off) - the heatsink was fairly cool, but the power supply seemed quite warm to me.

The green light on the motherboard also still worked, so my first thoughts were either power switch or processor. Well, power switch was easily testable - and it wasn't that. So, that left processor or power supply, and I was leaning towards processor because of the motherboard power light.

Luckily, [Brady] had a spare 250W power supply laying around that confirmed that my motherboard and processor are good (whew!), so I decided to pick up a new power suppy - one that's hopefully quiet. Reviews on newegg of the CoolMax CX-350 seemed very good, so that's what I bought. Now we wait for it to arrive, while the desktop just sits :(.