yarrow & laptops

I've got Fedora Core 1 installed on my IBM T20 now, and it doesn't really seem all that different from RH9. There are some new things that I want to play with; namely the laptop support (supposedly caches i/o things) and ACPI.

The laptop support will be kind-of difficult to test; I just need to use my laptop un-tethered for awhile and see how much longer my batteries last than before. ACPI seems pretty neat (my laptop requires acpi=force b/c of the old BIOS), but the config that comes w/ Fedora doesn't have the code base that APM did. But I really like being able to see all the information about both my batteries; seeing each button, etc. It makes everything very configurable; I imagine there's some decent scripts out there to do stuff; I just need to find them.