Tech support should always be paid

But if you're like me, it probably isn't.

Besides my own computers there are really only two sets of people whose computers I maintain; my parents', and Tiff's parents'.

My parents' computer isn't too bad; typically my mom (Tiff said it doesn't matter if 'mom' is capitolized or not) will call to ask something about their software, but she tends to do a very good job at figuring things out (even though it is frustrating for her). I typically don't really touch their computer, which is surprising considering it's a K6-2 450.

Tiff's parents' computer is exactly the opposite; no one asks me any questions about software, but I have to clean it up every 3 months. I think I'd prefer it a bit more if they did ask me about software instead of installing everything. The computer typically needs an Ad-aware, software update, defrag cycle which takes me at least four hours to do.

At least today I brought the computer down to our house to do this; Comcast helped download WinXP SP2 and apply the rest of the driver updates. Only took about four hours, too.