time for router upgrade

I've been having problems with my router (gunter) for awhile; sometimes named will die, sometimes dhcpd will die. Just 'give up the ghost,' as it where. I've always attributed this to my overclocking the box (it was originally to be an mp3 player). I though it was only overclocked from 180MHz to 200Mhz, but I was wrong. It was from 166MHz! Oh, the poor, poor, PPro.

I'm looking at more HP Vectras b/c they're small, but they seem to be going higher than I want to pay. I guess I'll find something, sometime.

[Brady] keeps talking about a file-swapping/picnic thing, which sounds like a great idea. Having this in the summer, and then my lan party in the fall will be a great setup - as most people will then have the file-swapping part done and we can concentrate on gaming. In preparations though, I need to do some hardware swapping. Thor (fileserver) needs to get his 160G drive put back in, but I think I want to swap cases with my desktop first (Manfred). Manfred is a huge full-tower, and it doesn't need to be anymore. Thor is just a nice-sized mid-tower, and is much better suited for a desktop role. Of course, I need to fix it's power supply fan first :P.