Busy day upgrading

Dennis stopped by on his way back from visiting Michele in VA to pick up a 400G Seagate 7200.8 hard drive that was being run at CompUSA with this deal. $0.50/GB for 400G? I'll take that. I'm currently zcav-ing my drives to see how they all stack up; I'll be sure to post a graph then.

Also got my Linksys WAP54G installed using WPA-PSK for a little more security (but not much, hehe). NdisWrapper's wiki has some suggestions for setting up WPA in linux using wpa_supplicant. I've got a RPM for wpa_supplicant available now, too. It looks pretty slick; can automatically switch between either WPA or WEP and supports all kind of EAP stuff. Hopefully combined with ifplugd things will work smoothly.