Strangest thing just happened: both [Brady] and I had these CoolMax quiet Power Supplies that we had been very impressed with.. up until this past weekend.

[Brady] emailed me Saturday night asking if I had a spare power supply as his in Oak had bit the dust. After I got home from the viewing on Sunday night, my power supply in my desktop was dead. Last night we verified that they were both the same make and brand and were both manufactured in Dec 2003. We owned them for less than a year. We've yet to hear back from CoolMax about replacements.

So, my desktop is out of commission again. I swear, that thing dies like every other month. This time I bought a Thermaltake 410W Silent PurePower PS; one of the nice features about it is that each set of cables is wrapped, not just the main ATX supply to the Mobo. Hopefully it's as quiet as the CoolMax, as that was the feature I bought it for. And hopefully CoolMax will replace their busted PS.