PVR Project, continued

I thought it was so neat that I found these 2.4GHz RCA transmitter things; too bad they don't work past about 2 ft (probably due to my cordless phone).

I've got Thor upgraded to Fedora Core 3 and KDE installed; but still battling w/ nv-tv-out to get the composite out on my nVidia card to work. To get the signal to the TV I was originally thinking of buying an RF Modulator (puts an RCA signal on channel 3 or 4), but instead I think I'm just going to run the RCA cables to the end wall and run the RCA cables the rest of the way around the room. I should probably buy some white RG6 for the final piece of the run; it'd look a lot nicer.

There's still the problem of repeating my Remote signal. Not sure if I'll buy an IR remote extender thing or just use Cat5 to extend my serial port. I guess when I'll get more concerned when I actually have the TV-out working ;)