Mozdev Status Update for W3-2008

  • Project tagging - Project tagging is essentially complete; I need to move on to a search interface to make finding projects easier, but I'm thinking that might be another bug (to be filed).
  • Upgrading Mozdev's PHP - Continued work to get Mozdev's code up-to-par with PHP 5.2.
  • Migrate Mozdev site code to CVS - Having Mozdev's site code in CVS will help with testing code changes between our staging server and our live server since it'll be easier to port patches between the boxes. The code is now updated in the Hovercraft project and running on, so we just need to schedule a time to get this done on our main server.
  • Added DoS prevention and stats caching to D.MD.o - I've added download limiting to D.MD.o in order to keep certain clients from abusing our server. I've also implemented some caching of download stats in order to ease the I/O load on our server a bit.
  • Caching of items on front page items
  • Research into Apache modules for rate-limiting connections - We have certain apps that we try not to mess with the internals much (cvsweb, bugzilla, mailman, drupal) that can be hit fairly hard by spiders and other abusive clients; we'd like to rate-limit the connections to these apps so our server can remain more available to our other users. So far I've found that mod_cband looks like it might work, but haven't gotten to testing anything yet (or filing a bug).
  • Log file parsing to determine what apps are slow to be served - I haven't come to a conclusion here yet, but I've definitely noticed that D.MD.o gets a lot of hits.

This week I'm hoping to finish getting our site's code running from CVS as well as finish testing Mozdev's code with PHP 5.2. I hope to be able to get started on a search framework for the site so finding projects is easier.