Mozdev status update W8-2008

  • Download file registration/release backend (bug#12486, bug#17302) - the UI to allow projects to register and release their download files is almost complete. This will allow project owners to allow secure installations of their extensions and generation of update.rdf files once those features are complete.

    There were a lot of small backend fixes such as adding support for 'deleted' files in our cache, fixing some detection of when a file is replaced, and fixing a bug introduced over the previous weekend that broke our caching of new files for several projects.

  • Reduce D.MD.o load - I was able to reduce the load on our servers by redirecting update requests to a random mirror instead of the user's best mirror.

    I found that 62% of users hitting our server for an update only requested the update.rdf file (or equivalent). Out of that 62%, only 1.5% actually retrieved an update after that. So we were spending a lot of time trying to figure out where to send the user for a very small file.

  • Misc page cleanups (bug#18671, bug#18669, bug#18677, bug#18667)

This week I'm taking off tomorrow for my daughter's 1st birthday, but I hope to get a good start on the project download file interface that will allow secure installations of extensions. I'll also be done with handling a project's applications and will have that released and the documentation to go along with it.