Mozdev status update W13-2008

Last week's big event was the launch of secure installs with our project overview page. In only 5 days we already have 27% (119/440) of our extensions registered with our system. Unfortunately we only have 9% of the registered files setup to enable secure downloads (ie, they have verified their file hash) - we'll have to figure out if this is a problem with our tools or process or if it will just improve as new files are registered.

Other tasks touched this week include:

- Received some clarification on database policy - Improved download counters by adding functions to retrieve only the download count for a file (no HTML) as well as the total downloads for a project for the last 30 days. - Helped test and monitor server load thanks to improvements from bug#18735 - Setup web-visible cache directory on our staging server which will be useful for projects to generate their own update.rdf files (or other web-accessible cache data/images/etc. Also wrote some docs/configs for implementing it in production - Began working on generation of update.rdf files for secure updates

This week I'd like to finish up the update.rdf generation and begin working on the plan for setting up subversion at