Mozdev status update for W22-2008

  • OSCon/Firefox Summit planning - got my flights booked and applied for my passport
  • Styling hgweb - I'm trying to get our hgweb instance styled better but am running into problems modifying Mercurial themes (maps)
  • Sponsor work
  • New VCS log RSS feed - This one now works with CVS, Mercurial, and eventually SVN
  • Lots of unit test improvements for various parts of the Mozdev templating system
  • Cleaned up feedback page to recommend project owners file bugs for change requests so we can track problems better

I didn't get nearly as much accomplished last week w.r.t. Mercurial, but we're still making good progress. I need to update the VCS logs that are generated on the /source.html pages and create a new source.html template that includes instructions for mercurial. I also need to write a bunch of docs, but have a fairly good template setup for what needs done.