Mozdev Status Update for W52-2007 - W2-2008

I've been taking a bit of a break from Mozdev over Christmas, so not as much got accomplished, and I'll be down at FUDCon tomorrow so I figured I'd do my status update early.

- bug#7021 - Project tags - I've added project tagging to so that projects owners can tag their projects with short descriptive phrases to make finding their project easier; you can see the results on the tags page (as well as the homepage). Our goal is to add a search interface that allows people to search the tags, applications supported by a project, and project description to find projects easier; we'll see how that goes. - bug#15312 - Upgrade to PHP 5 - I've been working Mozdev's backend code to get our site working with PHP 5 - this mostly means working with register_globals = off for us. There's a lot of places that rely on this currently, and I'm sure it's not going to be a perfectly smooth transition. I posted to the project owners list detailing the change, so people should be aware of it. Hopefully people have an easy time getting their code updated.

I plan on continuing to work on PHP 5 support as well as beginning to look into how to implement a search system for next week when I'm back from FUDCon.