Mozdev status update W10-2008

The biggest topic of the past week has been mitigating load problems on Mozdev's server when Firefox releases an update. We now have a plan in place to reduce the load by using a lightweight web server to handle update requests. We're also going to help out the Mycroft project update their site to use a new cache directory that is web-visible.

Other tasks include:

- Started on project overview page - This will be the page where secure installations are performed from. - Fixed bug with .php pages and \$_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] in new Apache rewrite rules - Fixed some notices that were making testing difficult and cleaned up a lot of functions/files/definitions in hovercraft/sandbox/php that were outdated - Tying Mozdev projects to bugzilla products more tightly - Right now Mozdev projects are only tied to our Bugzilla products by the project and product name; I'm trying to improve this since there are some projects (only mozdev-related right now) where the two don't match and it's difficult to automatically generate the links, or even know if a bugzilla product is enabled for that matter. - Fixed D.MD.o bug for recently-uploaded files - Files that were recently-uploaded that hadn't made it to a mirror yet could not be downloaded to to a bug that only served the first 8192 bytes of the file.

We are trying to get Mozdev's load problem resolved or at least improved before the next Firefox update ( on March 25th so my focus will be testing our new features as they become available and helping with implementation.

Otherwise I'll continue working on the frontend for performing secure installations of extensions.