Mozdev status update for W25-2008

Getting back into the swing of things after vacation.

- Updating Mozdev bugzilla bug entry form - this is ready to go into production to help making requests to Mozdev easier - Handling Firefox 3 release server load - the Firefox 3 release caused lots of additional web traffic to in a number of ways; people trying to get news about Firefox 3 (some projects host translations of Mozilla software) and additional update requests for extensions and search plugins caused by lots of people restarting their browsers in a short period of time. I added caching to a number of pages during this time to try to reduce the impact on the server. - Fixed XPI file sorting on Project Overview page - Trying to improve wiki formatting at Mozdev - I'm evaluating both using straight HTML for the wiki as well as FCKeditor w/ a mediawiki plugin. I'm leaning towards the latter right now, but the various plugins need some work. - Investigating linking Mailman and Forums - Currently the plugins require a separate email account to check for new messages and I'm not sure who should be responsible for setting up/maintaining this account (Mozdev or the project owner). - Updated VCS log to include link to a file's log history

This week I plan to continue working on improving Mozdev's wiki editing capability and look towards how pam_mysql can be configured to allow file uploads at Mozdev.