Mozdev status update for W26-2008

Semi-busy week with not much to show for it:

- Working on providing a GUI for Mozdev's wiki - For now I think I've settled on using MediaWiki syntax and using FCKeditor. The Drupal module for FCKeditor needs some improvements to support to load different toolbars for different content types (so we can use the mediawiki plugin for wiki pages and the regular toolbar for blogs and other pages). I've submitted a patch that seems to support this, but I'm still working on a way to only load the mediawiki fckeditor plugin only in the wiki profile. - Documenting more local.conf options - Performing some log analysis of last week's Firefox release traffic - also discussing alternatives to awstats for performing custom query generation (no solution found yet)

The big thing for this week will be trying to get FCKeditor working with the mediawiki syntax; Independence Day is this Friday for the USA so I'll be offline then.