Mozdev Status Update for W6-2008

  • Finding supported applications automatically - I have the portion that parses .xpi files' install manifests (install.rdf files) working - it currently tracks what extension an .xpi file is as well as what applications and version ranges it supports. The frontend for displaying the applications projects support and the extensions for each application is almost complete; only some minor styling work left. An admin interface is also complete for managing information about the applications. Left to do is to link this data into the project search interface (bug#18525) and create a download file manager for project owners to be able to "release" a download file for public consumption.
  • Updated the project search interface to support more search words - previously we only supported searching projects and descriptions with words over 4 characters or longer; we updated our database to support searching words 3 characters or longer - this should make the tool much more useful for finding projects.

This week I'll continue to work on the frontends for displaying supported applications and searching applications and extensions as well as the download file management interface (which will be crucial for secure installations as well).