Christmas has begun!

Well, finally did the musical/play thing that Tiff and I had been practicing for the past two weeks for. Overall, it went very well, and Tiff's mom said that we sing very well together. She seemed very sincere about it, but I have a hard time believing it since I haven't sung by myself in front of an audience since, well... never. I've been in one musical - "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" as a freshman in High School (Moriarity!) and was in chorus in 4th grade, but that's about it for public singing appearances.

Well, as I was saying, it went over pretty well; we didn't have to memorize our lines (although I knew them fairly well) - up until the last song. The person playing the piano kept having her music close shut on her, and through both Tiff's and my parts; well - there was no recovering.

Besides the play today, my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew came up to do that whole Christmas dinner/exchange presents thing, and we had a great time. I got a couple DVDs, and Tiff and I managed to get each other the (almost) exact same ornament. I thought that was pretty cute ;)