nemesis and christmas

Well, I bet you were thinking there was going to be some big comparison of ST:Nemesis and Christmas, but there isn't. I'm just commenting on both ;)

Going to see ST:Nemesis w/ [Dennis], his g/f Michelle, and possibly [Brady]. I've heard its dissappointing, but I'll probably enjoy it anyway. Besides, I get to go to Applebee's for supper!

And.. Christmas is drawing near. I pretty much have all my stuff purchased (which is amazing for me) - I only have one or two more things to get. I can't wait to exchange gifts! I love giving people their gifts; usually they like what they got (although, I'm giving a couple gift certificates, and I don't really like doing that).

If anybody's going to be in the area and wants to see ST:Nemesis tonight, I'm going at 19:15 showing at the MJ Cinemas in Carlisle.