Photos for August and September 2008

New 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid
Nikon D40
Camera Bag Comparison (Kata DR-467, Crumpler 4 Million Dollor Home)

Crab Apple
Frohm Home with Red Maple
Tiffany with Praying Mantis
Sunset Rocks

Brough Family Gathering
Carlisle Corvette Show
Grandparents' Day Lunch
South Newton/West End Fire Raffle

Baby #2
Tiffany at 37 Weeks

Patches Outside

Vacuuming in Kitchen on Car
Playing with Patches and on Playground
Ladybug Outfit
Coloring with Mary Mettler
Dumping Water on Herself in Tub
Riding on 4 Wheeler and Helping Pappy Beecher
Racing a Car
Watering Plants, Playground, Bubbles, 4-Wheeler, and Picking Flower
Building Blocks with Pappy
Swinging and Eating Ice Cream
Dennis and Jocelyn Checking Out the Neighbors
Checking Out a Frog
Cat Shirt with Nuk
Pink Polka-dot Dress
Rocking Out with Matt
Eating with Matt at Little Table
4-Wheeler Ride with Matt
Bouncing on Exercise Ball 
Hiding Behind Playground