MediaIndexer project setup

I was able to setup the MediaIndexer (working project name) website and repository tonight so Brady and I have a place to coordinate. Trac + Mercurial was really pretty easy to setup; and I've had the sources in Mercurial for a week or so already (made it nice for copying code around between my computers and tracking changes).

Our goals are pretty ambitious; develop a media indexer that can detect when files go bad and synchronize/backup those files between friends.

Already Brady has some scripts thrown together that accomplish a lot of identification of files which we can then use to create rsync commands to try to pull his damaged files back from my server.

Longer term we'd like to try to create an architecture where friends can have their files indexed locally but search other friends' files for better versions, versions with less errors, or recover their own files with problems if they were synced from the same source.