FUDCon 2008 this weekend

Heading down with Todd Zullinger today to Raleigh, NC to hit up FUDCon.

I'm pretty excited about this trip; I've been a user of Red Hat products for about 9 years now, and while I've done some packaging for several years I've only recently become a Fedora contributor and have been trying very hard to improve my packaging and am finally getting into seeing what other areas I can help with.

While both Todd and I are signed up for the GPG keysigning session (I wish there were more people going to that), I think I'll probably head over to the yum hackfest to see what I can learn about RPM and yum to see what could be done to improve "suggested packages" support.

I also have a lot of interest in the sysadmining, so I might checkout the Infrastructure hackfest, and I'd also love to see a better init system, so I might head there.

Overall, there's a ton of stuff to try to take in at this short gathering, and I hope I can make the most of it.

I'll also have my new Canon HG10 camcorder and a recently-purchased Canon DM-50 shotgun microphone to bring to the event, so I'll be taking videos of the sessions. Feel free to try to grab me if you have any other ideas for things I could take videos of.

My biggest concern with the videos is going to be what quality to store them in; 5.5 hrs at 15Mbps doesn't sound like much for the whole weekend, but I don't know if we want lower quality or not (if the final result is just YouTube, it probably doesn't matter). I would appreciate any ideas people have about this.