Packaging and Hacking

Although I'm not part of any cool group like, I still do like to build packages. Unfortunately I've been a little lazy recently and have gotten behind in some that really should be done.

I've been working trying to get a bunch of different Jabber-related packages together like jabberd 2, jabberd 1.4, and aim-transport. I have a decent package for the first, a rough package for the 2nd (needs split into a devel package), and the 3rd is being a pain. Such is the life.

I've also been trying to get arpdetect working again on my laptop. I'm not sure where the problem is, but it hasn't been detecting when I change networks very reliably. I've started an attempt to close my pipe to the 'ifconfig' program nicer, and we'll see how far that gets us.

[Brady] came over and we tried to talk a little about [NetMRG] an the 80 open bugs we have, but we quickly got distracted by Star Wars. Oh well.