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  1. On the Eve of Your Second Birthday, Jocelyn

    You'll be two years old tomorrow, and it's been an amazing experience watching you grow.

    Your first birthday was lots of fun, but you were just beginning to interact with people around you.  You had a great time smashing your cake, but you didn't really "get" what was going on … read more
  2. 7 Things Meme

    I've been tagged by Brian.

    Seven things:

    1. I was completely new to the Mozilla community when I started at Mozdev.  I barely even used Firefox (gasp! I used konqueror, so it wasn't all bad).  Now I know my way around a bit, but still seem to be too involved in …
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  3. 9/11

    What a messed up tragedy. Knocking out the world trade centers with our own commercial jetliners. To quote my good friend [Brady],

    " good night to look out at the night sky. prolly the last time in our lifetimes that there will be no planes..."

    That is so true. Very sad …

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