GPS Tagging Photos

Since I've been hiking a bit more recently I've gotten it into my head that I should be GPS-tagging my photos. Unfortunately, this isn't easy since the camera doesn't have any way of putting the location tags into the photos itself. Pretty much the easiest way to do it is to carry your GPS with you and syncronize your camera's time to the GPS' time, download the GPS tracklog and photos onto your computer, then have some program go through your photo directory and GPS tracklogs and add tags after-the-fact. So because of this idea I've been carrying my GPS with me when I was down at Virginia Beach and Cowan's Gap.

Well, it turns out that program for linux is (RPM). Unfortunately, it wasn't until I saw this page that I realized my tracklogs were useless. Here's the excerpt:

A special advice for garmin users (tested with etrex version): you should not store the tracklog within the device under a separate filename (using the save option). The garmin device will filter the data (delete track points) and strip off the timestamps on saving the tracklog within the file. Just download the current (active) tracklog to the computer in order to preserve the data. The tracklog can then be cleared. The garmin track log setup also allows to set the time interval in which to record the data. The denser the data, the more accurate the matching can potentially be, but the sooner the storage capacity of your device will be used up. For shorter trips or devices with a larger storage capacity you can use a more dense interval.

Ugh. I guess I'll have to try this software out some other time.