Trying to Get Back to Writing

You know what''s depressing? Spending a couple hours reading your awful/emo writing from over 15 years ago.

You know what''s great? Actually wanting to write.

I spent a good bit of time trying to figure out how to get my old website migrated out of Drupal and finally found that Pelican has an import tool that can pull down RSS feeds (great idea) and convert them to Markdown format. I had to hack up the node.module file to remove the limit on number of items in node_feed() but that was pretty trivial.

The more major undertaking will be trying to download and convert inline images to pelican-style, but I think it''s a worth undertaking.

This weekend was pretty busy with seeing Santa, the kids going to a play, cleaning, visiting for birthdays, visiting before family goes on vacation, getting a Christmas Tree, and decorating. And then I wanted to add a website conversion to the mix ;)