Work Happenings

[Kevin] and I were hoping that after Patrick left work for PA Online last week that a raise wouldn't be far behind, and quite happliy we were correct. I had just thrown out a nice round figure of 15 percent, and they exceeded that a little bit to make it quite attractive.

Other than that, things at work seem a bit better since Patrick left in that Allen is actually communicating with all of us; of course, only time will tell if this will continue. Things are a bit hectic with only three full-time NOC people right now, but I'm hoping that the Deckerts will make an attractive-enough offer to [Brady] to get him to come on full-time.

Speaking of other offers, I'm not really sure what to do right now. Unlike Brady's situation where money will most likely be the primary determining factor, that is only a partial factor here (hey, 15% is a pretty good chuck 'o change). I would feel pretty bad leaving Kevin and Leland to pick up everything and continue there by themselves. I know most people say that you can't count on loyalty to get you ahead in life, but I still think that friends mean a good bit, and I can't just leave the friends I've made at CTI without consideration of what it would do to them.