Winter Is Not Fun

I guess I'm just generally having a 'not fun' week. Shucks.

Update 19:47

Looks like I should be getting towed out of the retention pond within the hour. My dad and I went to make sure it was still drivable (it is), but I bumped into the trailer park manager when we showed up, and they had called the cops. Apparently the one lady saw me in there and told them that I "wrecked the car and ran." I can tell you that I ran really slowly, because it was 20 minutes til Tiff came and picked me up; I was walking around taking pictures and looking around my car for awhile; talked to a nice man that stopped and asked if I was okay, etc. Nevermind that this other lady never stepped out of her trailer to ask if anyone was hurt >:-(.

Anyway, the State Police man was nice enough and there was no report filed since no property was damanged and no one was hurt (come'on, it's a retention pond). So hopefully there's very little damage to the car and will only require a new bumper. Hopefully.

Update 2005.02.25 08:19

My car got out of the pit about 22:30 last night thanks to Todd at Hosfelt Towing. It was easy to winch it right up the hill; took more time to do the paperwork than to pull it out!

Today brings calling the Insurance company back and getting the car to H&H to get a quote and have them order parts. At least the car is still drivable; I couldn't really see any major damage (no panels shifted, hood seems aligned).

Update 2005.02.25 13:55

In case you want to know why I slid, check out my tire ratings.

Update 2005.02.28 10:10

I know; I'm getting beyond the alloted time for 'updating' a blog and need to post a new one here soon - I just couldn't resist how cool Google Maps was.

Check out how close to home I was. I'm wrecked about straight down from where the start point is, and straight left where the curve in Hershey Drive and Thompson Drive meet.