What I did this weekend

I got my rack in working order, moved thor (file server/MythTV backend) out to it (with associated wiring) and got my Comcast Digital receiver hooked up with an iguanaWorks iguanaIR usb IR transceiver.

We also went for a nice walk with the Beecher family down to the creek, enjoying the fall foliage.

Other misc photos:

  • Michele Little also came to visit Jared
  • Updated Warner family
  • Tiff, Jared, and Jocelyn sleeping on the recliner
  • Brenda and Rick's Anniversary
  • Tiff's 28th Birthday
  • Jared visiting w/ the Warners
  • Brooke, Dennis, Brenda, and Brady with Jared
  • Jocelyn with a full pony-tail
  • Jocelyn and Mom looking out the window at a bunny
  • Jocelyn coloring with Pappy Warner
  • Jocelyn painting pumpkins
  • Jocelyn eating popcorn
  • Jocelyn in pigtails and camo
  • Jocelyn sleeping under the changing table