what a difference 3 days makes

When I was at the house yesterday, the appliances were in, the drop ceiling was in place, the carpet was laid, and the brick was done. I imagine today will finish up the siding outside, and hopefully the electrician will come and finish wiring up the applicances and coax. Some garage doors would be nice too ;).

Of course, I work the next two nights, so I'm trying to get everything packed tonight so I can move a bunch of stuff on Saturday. That would be helpful. If we can get that all done, I should mostly be moved in Saturday morning, and might actually be living there. That would be neat.

I also need to print out Tiff and my programs for the wedding; we got the paper to print them on, but I have to design the layout and print them still; all before my computer network is destroyed. Although, it shouldn't take too long to get it back online (at least with the current setup).

Everything else for the wedding seems to be on task. I finally got my song picked out for my dance w/ my mom and we got that submitted to the DJ; the caterer is still good; pictures are all picked out and times arranged for them; Tiff and I haven't killed each other yet ;). It's been pretty stressful for us the past week or so - she's been handling the wedding (and doing a very good job at it) and I've been handling the house (you should see my wiring closet!). I think everything is coming together very well, and we still love each other very much, even through the bickering and last-minute stress.