Vacation Complete

Well, I should have written Monday when we got back (after our 7 1/2 hour drive home), but I've been lazy. Actually, I've been meaning to get my photos uploaded, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Ian has a good summary of our trip, but I should go over it again here.

  • Saturday: Started out with eating at Fay's Country Kitchen. Very nice breakfast. Ian, Kevin, and I decided we needed Final Fantasy X-2 from Lindays' place, so we ran back there, only to be ambushed by his neighbor whose power was out (Lindsay shut it off for the trip - apparently they share power). The trip down was just like any trip to the shore, other than the fun use of walkie-talkies (FRS) and some boot-drives that caused traffic to back up a bit. Once there, we mixed some hurricanes, and headed to the beach. The waves were pretty rough, but we managed to stay in for about an hour.
  • Sunday: Woke up to rain. Yuk. Most of the day was spent sitting around, playing FF:X-2, watching Family Guy, and playing some games (Mancala, Dominoes, Backgammon). The highlight of the trip was definitely the "Drunk Bus", complete with stupid people trying to hang upside down. Tiff wasn't too impressed by all of this; I'm glad Kevin was close to Tiff (I ended up getting on the bus last, and her first). We went down the boardwalk and played skeeball, and wound up giving around 600 tickets to some random boy (who wasn't too thrilled when we told him he had to split them with his sister ;).
  • Sunday: Fairly ugly again. Most of the morning was spent sitting around, and we probably should have gotten on the road much sooner than we did. Tiff wasn't feeling well, anyway. We left around 13:00 and got back around 20:30. Loooong trip.