Using mod_auth_mysql for Apache authentication for serving Mercurial

I'm trying to hgwebdir.cgi setup and that part is going pretty well; I have a default config file that is being loaded by the script and serving a collection of repositories properly.

What I'm having problems with is configuring authentication. I'm using mod_auth_mysql to try to do authentication under Apache 2.2, but something is getting in the way.

I have the LoadModule mysql_auth_module ahead of all other auth* modules and AuthBasicAuthoritative Off set, but I still can't get authenticated.

Here's a snippet of our virtualhost to do Mercurial hosting; does anyone have any experience with mod_auth_mysql under Apache 2.2? Most things I'm finding on the 'net seem to indicate that it should work, but it's not for me.

<LocationMatch /\w+/> # authentication AuthType Basic AuthName "Mozdev Mercurial Repositories"  <IfModule mysql_auth_module> AuthBasicAuthoritative Off AuthMySQLAuthoritative On AuthMySQLEnable On  AuthMySQLHost localhost AuthMySQLUser authuser AuthMySQLPassword authpass AuthMySQLDB db  AuthMySQLUserTable "users" AuthMySQLNameField "username" AuthMySQLPasswordField "password" AuthMySQLPwEncryption [method] AuthMySQLUserCondition "active = 1" </IfModule> <LimitExcept GET> Require valid-user </LimitExcept> </LocationMatch>