thinkpad buttons

Well, I may not have figured out how to get ACPI working on my laptop yet, but I did find a way to make that useless 'Thinkpad' button work.

Using tpb and xosd, you get an on-screen display (like the volume thing on your TV) on your laptop screen! This works for volume, mute, brightness, thinkpad light, APM info (on ac, on battery, etc) and allows you to assign a program to the thinkpad button. I haven't figured out what I want to use my thinkpad button for yet, but having the option to use it will be very nice. I do find the OSD stuff for volume and brightness very useful; you can know exactly what level you have things set at.

I did find RPMs for these programs also: xosd, and tpb. I was able to use the RH9 version in FC1 just fine for tpb.