switching your mobile karma

Miscellaneous update this week.

I recently got a Rio Karma portable audio player. This tiny thing is great; 20G hard drive, it plays OGGs, and generally is everything I wanted in a portable music player. It did require some extensive ID3 tag renaming, but nothing that couldn't be handled by EasyTAG.

The B&W G3 arrived, and Daniel helped me reinstall Panther. While the Mac is nice, I don't think I'm switching. As nice as the current AlBook's (PowerBook G4's) are, I don't think I want to relearn another OS at this point. I already know DOS 3.1 to Windows XP and Linux (mostly Red Hat's), and the little bit I've been playing w/ OS X, it just doesn't make sense to me. Things aren't as I expect them to be, and that means computing is much less pleasurable to me while I'm playing. It upsets me that it wasn't easier for me to use it, and that I'm not more receptive. Maybe I should give it more time; I don't know. I'll probably keep the thing for a bit longer, but if you're in the market for a 300MHz G3, let me know ;)

I've been looking for a new laptop thanks to a sudden influx of cash; something Pentium-M-ish with integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth. The HP zt3000 has perked my interest. Even with a 60G 5200RPM drive, a 15.4" WUXGA screen, and integrated BT and 802.11b, it's only about \$2k (about \$1.5k less than the most similar IBM T41 with a 14.1" screen). CNET seems to think it's pretty neat too. For now we're just looking, but it seems pretty nice.