Starting College and Website Updates

I have finally started college, and already have changed my schedule twice. Not cool. My class list has been posted on my background page, and the download page has been updated as well.

Other than that, I plan on adding/re-arrangeing some things. The palm and Mp3 pages will probably become sub-folders, and I will probably add a games folder, for things such as Diablo, Hellfire, and soon-to-be Diablo II. I also added a current rigs page, where you can view my current computer setups, and track the changes, as my system will be changing shortly. And lastly, I am probably going to be starting unofficial chat sessions. These will be on IRC (get mIRC; it's nice) under #silfreed (duh).

Oh yeah, you can finally view my site in Netscape 4 now. That was fun to code ;-)